Unacceptable Levels: Exposing Toxic Exposure

When it comes to toxic chemicals, is there an acceptable level in your home? In your body? In your children? We don’t think so, and we’re pretty sure you don’t either! But it would take years to read all of the studies, interview all of the experts and analyze all of the data required to make truly and completely informed decisions for our families. And by the time we do all of that, our kids will be grown and we will have missed our chance to positively impact and protect their childhood environment the way we want to.

At Healthy Home Magazine, we do everything we can to help get the word out there when new information becomes available to help families create safe and healthy homes. And are very grateful whenever we find an excellent source of information to help us to better understand toxins and their affect on health and the environment. One such resource is coming soon from Filmmakers Ed and Lauren Brown, who have dedicated the past 3 years of their lives to researching, uncovering and “exposing toxic exposure”. Now they have brought their findings together into a feature-length documentary film and they’re ready to share it with the world. But to get the film from the editing room to the screen, the Unacceptable Levels team needs some support. To help bring this finished film to life via download, DVD and theater screenings, they have put together an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of raising a minimum of $20,000, and a stretch goal of $100,000 (which is what they REALLY need in order to obtain an attorney, a PR firm and to print DVD’s for the public). Upon reaching the $100,000 goal, producer/director Ed Brown will mail copies of Unacceptable Levels to all of our senators and their staffers in order to educate them on the importance of these issues. The DVD package will include a letter stating the reasons we need to pass the Safe Chemicals Act. In addition, one week prior to the vote, Ed will go to Washington DC to ensure that the Unacceptable Levels message is heard and that we achieve the biggest change in the history of our chemical policy!

Movie Trailer:

Anxious to see this film? Me too! I can’t wait for it to be available. That’s why my family has already donated to the Unacceptable Levels Indiegogo Campaign at the “Good Friend” ($25) Level. I want a copy of this film as soon as I can get my hands on it and I REALLY want it in the hands of my Senators too!

Don’t have $25 or more to donate? That’s ok! Every $1 donated helps them get closer to meeting their goal. Plus anyone who donates $1 or more to the project from 10/18/12 – 11/6/12 will be automatically entered to win a Grand Prize filled with Green Products worth over $2,800!.  We love it when great companies come together to support a good cause and some of our favorites, like Earth Mama Angel Baby, Nature’s Path, Stonyfield, Dr. Bronner’s, LunaPads, thinkbaby, Plan Toys and many more (see full list of companies and prizes below) have generously provided some wonderful goodies for this Grand Prize! One winner will be drawn at the close of the campaign and announced on November 7, 2012. The contest is open to US residents only. Visit the Indiegogo campaign site for details.

What’s Included in the Grand Prize:

Disclosure: We have not been compensated for this article will not receive any compensation from donations or other actions taken a result of this post. We are sharing this information because we believe in the cause and believe it is useful information for our readers. Healthy Home Magazine is not responsible for distribution or fulfillment of prizes.
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