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Can you believe that it has been 12 weeks already? I feel like we just started the Go Green Get Fit Challenge.  Throughout this challenge we have talked about our preferences for running shoes, snacked on healthy alternatives, found unique products for common training injuries and we tried natural sunscreens to prevent burns when working out outdoors.

Together we have created a fantastic community of support! Even though the challenge is officially over what we have built will still be here as we all continue on our journey to get fit and reduce the impact of our journey.

To wrap up our Challenge here are some lessons learned and take aways from some of our green bloggers.

I may not been thinner. I may not be faster. But I think I’m healthier than I’ve been in a long time.’  How many of us can relate to Robbie from Going Green Mama reflection on her progress?

I decided to not weigh myself at the end of this challenge, because although there is a radical difference in my body, muscle weighs a lot more than fat and I didn’t feel like being bummed by a number.’  This is an important point Laura from Pug in the Kitchen is making that anyone who trying to get back into shape needs to keep in mind. That number on the scale….do not let it get to you. It means nothing. How you feel, how your clothes fit, how much you can lift, how far you can run…they mean something.

Don’t discount alternative forms of exercise. Entire weeks went by where I didn’t get any “traditional” exercise but I worked my butt off in the yard and played hard with my kids.’  Micaela from Mindful Momma is so right on this one. We need to adjust our thinking that working out can only happen in the gym or on the road.

When I first attempted kicking into a handstand I decidedly stated that this would never even be a “goal.” However, now that I have gotten a bit more practice I realize it is, in fact, possible. It just might take some time, effort, and patience.’  Time, effort and patience. 3 of the most important things in any journey to a fitter you. Paige from Spit That Out achieved some awesome goals by focusing on these three things.

Now that school is in session I am back to making fitness a top priority again and it feels really, really good. Well, mentally at least. Physically I am kinda hurting this week!!‘  Pain is good sometimes because it means that you know you have had a good workout. Tiffany from Nature Moms has a reason to be hurting with these fitness routines!

The most important thing I gained in this challenge is the self-confidence to know that I can achieve the health and fitness goals I set for myself.’  Erin from Healthy Home Magazine set an example for more than just her fellow Go Green Get Fit bloggers. She also set health example for her kids.

I also final came to terms with my biggest obstacle….food. Originally I thought it was time but really when I examined it more I realized that was just an excuse.’  For some people food is a bigger challenge than working out when getting back into a  fitness routine. This is certainly the case with Jen from Jen and Joey Go Green who now has a plan to tackle this hurdle.

Thank you for joining in this challenge with us. We hope that you learned as much from us as we did from you.

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  1. Micaela @MindfulMomma
    September 19, 2012 at 8:44 AM #

    What a great wrap-up of the Go Green Get Fit Challenge! Thanks for including me – it’s been a fun journey!


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