Flex Your Non-GMO Buying Power with Green Polka Dot Box

The Natural and Organic Food Market has grown tremendously in recent years, as consumers have become increasingly knowledgeable about the health and environmental risks of conventional farming practices, genetic engineering of our food supply, and toxins used in food processing and packaging. While I’ll admit many of my friends and family members still look at me like I’m crazy or tune me out when I talk about the hazards in our Nation’s food supply, I am comforted to know that millions of Americans are not only paying attention, but speaking up for our right to access non-toxic food and to know what is in the food we consume. JustLabelIt.org‘s campaign has generated more than 1.2 Million signatures from concerned Americans telling the FDA we have the right to know what is in our food.

This election season, California’s Proposition 37 caught the attention of Best-Selling Author and Journalist Michael Pollan, whose recent New York Times article Vote For the Dinner Party provided thoughtful analysis on the subject. Pollan states, “Clearly there is growing sentiment in favor of reforming American agriculture and interest in questions about where our food comes from and how it was produced. And certainly we can see an alternative food economy rising around us: local and organic agriculture is growing far faster than the food market as a whole.” He continues, “a new economy of farmers’ markets, community-supported agriculture (also known as farm shares) and sustainable farming has changed the way millions of Americans eat and think about food. From this perspective, the food movement is an economic and a social movement, and as such has made important gains. People by the millions have begun, as the slogan goes, to vote with their forks in favor of more sustainably and humanely produced food, and against agribusiness.”

Here at Healthy Home Magazine, we are hopeful not only for the results of the election in CA, as we root for Prop 37′s passage, but also for the importantl this important proposition is already having on building National awareness for the issue. Washington State is also working hard to get a non-GMO initiative (I-522) onto our state’s ballot next year. We want to know what is in our food and, as importantly, we want to provide foods for our families that are healthful and free from harmful chemicals, treatments or organisms.

To provide these more healthful options, my own family has committed to buying Organic, non-GMO and local foods as often as possible – often paying premium prices to ensure we are not exposed to the pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and other junk found in so many conventional products. We have given up other things to afford this change, but we know our investment in our family’s health is worth it, so we shop sales, use coupons and stock up when we find our favorite brands or products at a great price. We recently discovered The Green Polka Dot Box, a new online Organic and non-GMO buying club. I was introduced to the Green Polka Dot Box concept by my friend Shane, the woman behind one of my favorite eco-resources, Environmental Booty. At first I was a little skeptical about having to pay for a membership to buy things online, and then remembered I have memberships at a fantastic local Co-Op and at Costco, and have no problem with paying the membership fees because of the incredible savings we gain thru membership. The savings on gas alone make the Costco Executive level membership worth it, even at $110 per year!

So why was I hesitant to pay $50 for a club membership at Green Polka Dot Box? I think it was because I couldn’t physically walk into the warehouse and see the pallets of goods and thousands of other shoppers taking part in this membership experience with me. But the more I learned about Green Polka Dot Box and its savings of up to 60% on brands my family loves and buys regularly, and the more I learned about the company’s family-run business model, expansion plans and vision for future growth, the more I wanted to be a part of this exciting company. So now, after just three orders and two months of membership, I have not only joined the Green Polka Dot movement, but have invested in their growth by becoming a Charter (Lifetime) Member. I’ll admit, it was a very hefty investment for my family, at $1,000 out-of-pocket. But since this is a lifetime membership, I will never have to pay another annual membership fee (just think, I’ve already paid that much over the past 10 years at Costco!), and the return on my investment is 100%. Yep, that’s right, 100%! By becoming a Charter member, I get $2,000 to spend at Green Polka Dot Box for my $1,000 investment. And that’s on top of the already amazing prices of up to 60% off retail + free shipping over $75.

I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to run out and get themselves a Charter Membership, but I do think that anyone who is interested in buying Organic, non-GMO products at significant savings owes it to him/herself to check it out and make an informed decision for his/her family. A $1,000 investment is certainly not required to get started – their Club Membership is just $50 or if you want to just give it a trial run, you can get a Trial Membership for only $10!

Fair warning: this will not be the last time we’ll tell you about Green Polka Dot Box! Their mission is clear: to make Organic and non-GMO foods more accessible. And we 100% are on board with that mission, so we’ll choose to continue to highlight this great company, which has already forged relationships with some of our favorite brands, like employee-owned Bob’s Red Mill, independent, family-run Nature’s Path and BPA-Free packaged products from Bio Naturae. Green Polka Dot Box is now delivering Harvest Fresh Organic Produce to the Western States, and is soon to be rolling out a Frozen Foods Program! We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us and are excited to be a part of it.

So what’s in it for us? If we refer you and you join too, we’ll get a small commission in the form of “points” or credits to be used at Green Polka Dot Box. It is similar to many of the other affiliate programs that we and other publications use to generate revenue, but a little more personal and dear to us, as we get “paid” in groceries for our family at prices we can actually afford, every day of the year. We hope you love Green Polka Dot Box as much as we do and would sincerely appreciate it if you help to spread the word and share our referral link with your own friends and family: http://www.GreenPolkaDotBox.com/Invite/id/15162/.

Even if you don’t join Green Polka Dot Box, we hope you’ll join us in the fight for our Right to Know what’s in our food, and continue to vote with your dollars by supporting organic farming, non-GMO suppliers and truly green businesses.

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15 Responses to “Flex Your Non-GMO Buying Power with Green Polka Dot Box”

  1. Shane@EnviroBooty
    October 17, 2012 at 7:48 AM #

    Shared all over the place! I have been with GPDB since they opened and have never been unhappy with my orders!! My entire family looks forward to the Green Box on our front porch!

  2. Margie Kairis
    November 2, 2012 at 12:11 PM #

    That’s fantastic that Justlabelit’s campaign has generated more than 1.2 million signatures! I’m so glad that Americans are paying more attention to where their food comes from. I really hope that proposition 37 gets passed–it’s unfortunate there is so much corporate money trying to block that from happening. The American people deserve to know what is in their food and how it is grown and produced.


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