Meet the Editor

Welcome! My name is Erin Naumowicz and I’m the Managing Editor of Healthy Home Magazine.

I am a proud mom of two adorable kids (and I’m not biased, I swear - they’re really, really cute!). I volunteer with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and WA Toxics Coalition, am part of the Healthy Child Healthy World and Natural Parents networks, and provide a variety of green business and consulting services to both families and businesses. Through this work I have the pleasure of speaking with many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other customers concerned about creating a safe and healthy environment for their loved ones. While I love talking to customers, I find over and over again that many feel overwhelmed and confused by the amount of conflicting information out there about what is or is not safe and healthy for their families and their homes. My personal mission is to help families navigate this information so they can stop spending so much of their precious time researching product safety and chemical compounds!

Before becoming a writer and activist against toxins in children’s products, I completed my MBA at Drexel University and spent 15 years in corporate America, leading sales, marketing and training teams and managing a multi-million dollar budget at a local software company (yes, it’s “local”, because I live next to Microsoft). ;)

When I left the corporate world to be home with my kiddos, I took a full year off from work and  it was wonderful. However, my daughter was very sick and as I learned more and more about the cause of her chronic and severe respiratory distress, I began learning from many amazing resources like Healthy Child, Safe Mama, SafBaby WA Toxics Coalition, Debras List, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and many more. I was desperate to find a solution for baby Kaitlyn’s breathing troubles. When traditional medical interventions didn’t work, I spent countless hours researching potential alternative sources of the problem: conventional mattresses, furniture, carpet, dust, allergens, toys, bedding, etc. The deeper I got the more I learned and the more concerned I became about many mainstream products that are routinely sold and marketed as safe for our children. I started learning what kind of extraordinary commitment it takes for companies to make sure their entire supply chain and production process results in safe, healthy products. I began to understand why more companies don’t make the effort, and developed a profound respect for those that do.

I launched Lullaby Organics in the Fall of 2010 with a vision of providing a one-stop shopping resource for parents to find all of the non-toxic products their families need. I’d absolutely love to be able to offer all of the great safe brands that I have found, but it isn’t realistic for me as a small boutique owner to do so and still maintain some balance of time with my kids (which was the whole point, in the first place, right?). So I decided that the next best thing I could do is to utilize my education and training background by helping parents to find recommendations for great products and resources, news and feeds from many wonderful resources all in one place. In May 2012, Lullaby Organics became Healthy Home Magazine’s searchable database of non-toxic and eco-friendly products, Healthy Products Guide, where we feature many of the brands and products featured in the magazine in one easy place with links to buy from retailers we trust.

Please don’t be shy about sending me feedback or requests for how this site can be of assistance to you. I’d love to hear from you and will respond as quickly as I can.